Exceptional Performance.Tridec has strived to create a culture where all employees take pride in consistently delivering exceptional performance. Our employees know that they are each essential to continuing Tridec’s record of meeting every contractual commitment on schedule. The focus is always on the success of the team in delivering what we promise. We foster a highly collaborative work environment where communication and teamwork are an essential part of every position. Employees readily ask for and receive help from coworkers in a very supportive atmosphere so everyone succeeds. We also recognize the importance of a balanced life to support health, morale, and well-being of our employees.

Corporately, we lead by example in demonstrating our of balanced life philosophy and, in the process, create opportunities for our employees and their families. In addition to providing a positive work environment, we encourage employees support to the family, the community, the arts, and completing the picture with fun and recreation.

Family.We recognize that an employee will not function at their top performance if they are distracted by family issues. We therefore provide the support to the employees that allow them to meet the needs of their families. This starts with a generous total compensation package with benefits options for any family situation. We provide flexibility in work hours and, based on the situation, allow employees to work from home under specific circumstances. We provide recreational facilities, described below, and fun events for our employees and those are also open to their families.

Community Support.Tridec is also dedicated to supporting our local community. This includes the local schools, cultural centers, as well as local Veterans Organizations. Our support to local schools has included donating band equipment, sponsoring sports activities and, for the last two years, we’ve sponsored every student at a local elementary school attending a live theater performance. This included buying all tickets and paying for the bus transportation to the theater. We have also sponsored other activities to provide young students with exposure to philharmonic performances. We are corporate sponsors of the Victoria Theatre Association and have provided incentives for our employees to attend theater performances. We have also sponsored exhibits at the Dayton Art Institute and we are hosting their web site.

Support to Veterans.Tridec is led by veterans who believe we have a responsibility to support the military members and Veterans in our community. Tridec is a charter member of the Dayton Veterans-Employers Connection organization. Through this organization we provide support in preparing resumes and conduct mock interviews to help prepare veterans or separating military members for employment. We support the military and veterans students at Wright State University and have hosted events for them and their families to get together away from campus. We are also annual sponsors of a fundraising event for the Fisher/Nightingale House that provides quarters near the hospital and other support for the families of veterans or military members with injuries or illnesses that require long duration hospital stays.

“Acting locally” on Environmental Restoration.In 2012, Tridec senior leadership purchased a plot of land, The Campus at Spring Lake, where we plan to build a Tridec Headquarters office building. This 30 acre plot included a 10 acre lake, two smaller ponds, a 10 acre wooded area, and a farm house that was built in 1888. Everything had been neglected for at least a decade. Through our efforts in restoring the area, we have been striving to be responsible stewards of the natural environment by balancing professional, recreational, and environmental priorities. We have worked with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to identify and prioritize what was required and invested in improving all aspects of the property. We have cleared the wooded area and around the lake of dense honeysuckle which is an invasive species. We have also improved the flow of spring water through the ponds and lake and added windmills and fountains to improve aeration. A future plan, based on a recommendation from the ODNR is to convert one of the pond areas into a wetland. As a result of the actions we’ve taken, water quality is visibly improved and the ODNR asked us to host a clinic for pond and lake owners where the ODNR used our lake as an example and provided information about the benefits of aeration. We have also completely restored the old farm house, providing a place for corporate or community functions. At this location, we have hosted activities for groups such as local government, Boy Scout camping trips, Women in Business, and veterans groups. The lake is also being evaluated for use for Wright State University SCUBA classes and for rescue training for local emergency responders.

Fun and Recreation.Tridec supports and encourages our employees to take time for fun and recreation, especially with their families. We have restored the Spring Lake area to provide an excellent location for employees to have fun together. We have shelters, grills, campfire pits, games, a disk golf course, fishing gear, canoes, kayaks, and peddle boats all available for employee use. We also have a 20’ wide inflatable screen for lakeside movie nights.